vrijdag 22 april 2011

i'mWatch - the Italian Design iPhone watch

Luxury is a technological jewel to wear on a wrist. So much more than a watch: “i’mWatch”

Italian design and technology, an extremely high resolution display with an original multi-touch touchscreen on curved surface

• Visualisation of the watch both in the analogue and digital format
• Possibility of receiving calls showing name and number of caller
• Possibility of calling by entering the number or by using the address book
• Possibility of using speakerphone
• Receipt of text messages with preview
• Receipt of sender and subject of emails
• Visualisation of the weather forecast of your city
• Possibility of visualising your Facebook wall
• Possibility of receiving notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.
• Possibility of downloading music from i’music
• Possibility of downloading apps from i’m store
• Possibility of visualising the photo and image gallery
• Possibility of consulting the trend of the stock markets and receiving notifications
• Possibility of receiving notifications of appointments and consultation of the same
• Possibility for programme developers of creating custom-made apps for i’m

“i’mWatch”, or more easily “i’m”, is a refined jewel with the features of a watch but including software able to satisfy the most varied technological needs.
A sophisticated mix between luxury and technology bound to become a new “object of desire” for lovers of design, luxury and hi-tech.
It is not by chance that “i’m” is born in one of the Italian capitals of jewellery: Vicenza, city of gold for its long and renowned tradition.
Its “inventors” are two young and brilliant managers from Vicenza, Manuel Zanella, already founder of Zeromobile (http://www.zeromobile.it/), and Massimiliano Bertolini, co-founder together with Zanella of Winezero (http://www.winezero.it/), dealcoholized wine, in bottles and cans, distributed, for the first time in Italy.
Now, Zanella and Bertolini, bursting with creativity, together present this new winning project: “i’m”.
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