maandag 26 maart 2012

Mariano Pallottini is promoting Le Marche Region in Italy on Internet by Curating. PLEASE VOTE!

Because of my online Curation activity online, I have been selected among the 20 Semifinalists of an International Contest. 
My name is Mariano and I work (also) to promote Le Marche Region of Italy in Internet. 

I select and distribute the information collected on all major social media and distribute a daily newsletter in 250 mail to people interested in these topics.

If you like what I do, let Le Marche to Win, Vote For Me: 

Per la mia attività online che ha il nome di CURATION sono stato selezionato fra i 20 Semifinalisti di un Contest Internazionale, una sorta di Concorso. 
Io mi chiamo Mariano e mi occupo di promuovere LE MARCHE in Internet (in lingua Italiana e in quella inglese). 

La mia attività verte su questi siti:

Da qui poi distribuisco le informazioni raccolte e selezionate su tutti i social media più importanti e OGNI GIORNO distribuisco 250 mails in forma di newsletter a persone interessate a questi argomenti.

Ora, se vuoi far vincere LE MARCHE o semplicemente ME, clicca su:

Curation Philosophy
Maybe I will not be able to express all the passion I have for my Curation because my language barriers but I want to try. I think curation it is a natural process for some people as it is for me. I am in love with my Region Le Marche in Italy, the land where my family is set from more than 600 hundred years. I don't know if I am promoting this niche destination in the world as it deserves but certainly nobody is doing the same with psycologically so much in return and so little in terms of money. I know a bit the web and I want the same, as for more prestigious destinations in the world, people could find contents that show how rich in beautiful is my Region, how rich in history, in arts and ingenious people. I want to say the world that for a strange combination of factors my place is rich in fabulous products that conquer the best market in the world but still preserves natural resources, generousity of the people and some of the highest quality levels of life. To do all this, I search contents produced by foreign people, the only that see the things with my same enthusiam, people that know the world and can appreciate with cognition refusing the easy criticism. I search, also, and put together the contents of my people, successful or not, that like what they do and love to work hard facing thousand difficulties but happy to live constantly with "an eye to the mountains and one to the sea". I'm spreading all this contents to the world in many social media as happy people, in real life, are doing it with good news telling everybody they meet.

Curating Activities by Alessandro Di Lella: 

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