dinsdag 24 december 2013

The Invisibles are a brand new Original Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae Sensation with breathtaking Italian melodies!

The Invisibles are a brand new Original Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae Sensation, an International Big Band of talents from all over Europe who came together here in the Netherlands to write a new chapter in the history of one of the most popular and everlasting musical genres of the 20th century. 

Their live act is not to be missed for any reason if you're a fan of Jamaican rhythms but also if you love jazz, soul, rhythm&blues, pop and evergreens. 
You will find yourself skanking and dancing like crazy to stainless Jamaican classics, to unexpected versions of some among the most famous songs ever written, to breathtaking Italian melodies and to surprisingly amazing new tunes. 

With a DJ Set before and after the show to entertain early birds as well as deep night predators, an evening with The Invisibles announces itself to become unforgettable for a long time to come. 

One of those moments in history which will make you proud to tell your children and nephews: "I was there!"

The Repertoire:

Città Vuota, Meglio Stasera, Ciao Ciao Bambina, Amara Terra Mia, Il Mare, SKAzzurro, Una Giornata Al Mare, Un Anno d’Amore, Such A Shame, The Very Last Tango, Don't Let Me Down, Hard Time Living In The County Jail (HTLITCJ), Jamaica Farewell, The Very Last Dub, Your Love Is King, Crazy World, City Raindrops,  Rocksteady, Bang, Bang, The Reflex, Delilah, Stop The Pressure, El Pussycat, Freedom Sound, Soul Shakedown Party, In The Mood For Loving, Stir It Up, Sierra, Feels Like Heaven, Time After Time, e.v.a.

The Musicians:

Claudio Verzegnassi – Guitar * Alexander Broussard - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals * Gunter Weber - Tenor Saxophone * Emilio Gregori - Rhythm Guitar * Rumy Jansen – Drums * Alejandro Carbajal - Bass Guitar, Vocals * Eugene Bakker – Percussions * Fabio Marchiori – Keyboards * Doris van Iperen – Vocals * Rosa Smit – Vocals * Enrico Cioccolini - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet * Jan Kooper - Alto Sax * Joe Rivera – Trumpet * Frans Cornelissen - Trombone 


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