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Officina Ceramica - Italian Art, handmade and handpainted unique and exclusive Italian ceramics.

In the wonderful Amalfi coast born the famous Vietri’s ceramics characterized by exciting colors inspired by incomparable surrounding nature: the green marine of the coast anfractuosities, the yellow of lemons, the orange of citrus fruits which grow on the cultivated terraces, the turquoise and blue, meeting point between sky and sea.Colors which famous artists have adapted to the various influence which, for years, have made the ceramic’s legend of this corn of Italy , well know all over the world, creating always new original things.

To this lovely panorama is connected the production of the handicraft ceramic atelier Officina Ceramica which with same spirit intend to propose the various lines of home items, wall and floor decorations inspired to the ceramic traditions ; also renewing the styles to adapt them to the new requirements.

Soft colors and chromatic matching tonalities charaterize a production made with old handycraft experience from glazing to the decoration entirely hand made to the final firing at 1000 °C.


Officina Ceramica offers you so many unique and exclusive applications destined to qualified customers and interior decorations to furnish beautiful houses-residence: from design to the colors, the options are virtually endless.

Different entirly hand made patterns can be combined to open a wealth of possibilities.


The dinnerware, ornamental products and gift items offer you different solutions of very nice TOP-TABLE decorations and ornaments to create an agreeable romantic atmosphere with exciting patterns and soft colors, also vibrant of brightness.


The decorative panels in various shape and size isn't restricted to the kitchen and bath anymore. 
Its moving into unexpected space like living and dining room.


With our fashionable and versatile panels is easy to create a distinctive look for any room of your home.

Each panel represent what is truly exclusive and attractive in ceramic with a large assortment of decors and colors for many different choice to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

For IMPORT and PRICES for The Netherlands please contact us via 

Benvenuto! Welcome!

ITALIAN DECORATIVE ART by Romeo Cuomo has been providing high quality, hand-made ceramics to customers in Southern Italy since 1985 and now Romeo, along with his partner Terri Affanato are pleased to bring the best of Vietri sul Mare, Tuscany and Sicily to the United States and Canada. 

The Tradition Continues...

All of our beautiful decorative ceramics, tile, murals, frescos and canvas art are produced by master artisans that have studied their craft from generations before them. Romeo himself is a forth generation ceramic artisan from Naples where he studied under family artisans in the fine art painting of authentic Majolica ware reproductions representing the 15th and 16th centuries with a variety of jugs, urns, cache pots, dinnerware, wall plates & more, produced in the classic Renaissance style. 

While browsing our collection of ceramics, you will see a large and varied selection of items ranging from highly decorative fine art pieces to functional items such as dinnerware, cold dinner sets, umbrella stands and the like.

Here in Italy, You will find pottery and ceramics everywhere! We use ceramics throughout our numbers are hand made ceramic tiles, our tableware, dishes, platters, are ceramic - as is the kitchen counters, back splashes, flooring...well, you get the idea! We love our ceramics - creating them, using them and sharing them with you. We hope that you will love them too! 

Kind regards,

Romeo Cuomo & Terri Affanato

A small overview of the catalog:


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