maandag 6 mei 2013

Italian Coffee Handbags and Lamps - Mediatour Recycling in The Netherlands - April 2013 - NL Agency Ministry of Economic Affairs

A Visit from International Journalist to Dutch Recycling / Upcycling Companies 


IMC TV (Turkey): Mr Utku Zirig 
IMC TV (camera): Mr Roni Yildirim 
Magyar Narancs(Hungary): Mrs. Orsolya Fülöp 
Internet (Russia): Mr. Oleg Kozyrev 
ODPADY (Czech Republic): Mr. Radomir Dohnal
Euwid (Germany): Mrs. Eva Riebeling 
Finnish Recycling News Uusiouutiset (Finland): Mrs Elina Saarinen 
Globes (Israel): Mr. Ori Chudy 
Il Salvagente (Italy): Mrs. Marta Strinati 
Publico (Portugal): Mr. Ricardo Garcia

The visit to Italian Coffee Handbags and Lamps:

Company visit to "Italian Coffee Handbags"

Italian Coffee Handbags are handmade bags from empty (used) bags of coffee beans or ground coffee.

The participants also visited:

Company visit to GRO | Green Recycled Organics

GRO Mushroom (component of GRO Holland) introduces a product from major waste streams in the Dutch restaurant chains: coffee waste. Different types of mushrooms grow in a short period of six to nine weeks on coffee waste. The coffee grounds are collected from the coffee machines and transported to the nursery. The waste is thus re-used, and food with high nutritional value is the

Company visit to Roetz Bikes

Annually more than a million bicycles are sold in the Netherlands. That is beautiful, but on the other hand as many bicycles are thrown away! By re-use as many components as possible Roetz Bikes reduces this waste. Roetz is a young bicycle brand with a mission. They believe that it is possible to create beautiful, robust bicycles and at the same time reduce wastage.

Company visit to ARN

ARN is the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Recycling in the mobility sector. It has managed the recycling chains within the sector for more than 15 years and has grown into an expert in the field of recycling and chain management. Sharing knowledge is an important aspect of this work. ARN uses its expertise to support and advice companies and public authorities in the Netherlands
and abroad on a variety of issues relating to sustainability.

Company visit to De Meerlanden

Meerlanden works with municipalities and residents to create a clean and sustainable living and working environment for the communities of Aalsmeer, Bloemendaal, Diemen, Haarlemmerliede Spaarnwoude, Haarlemmermeer, Heemstede, Hillegom, Lisse and Noordwijkerhout.

Company visit to Federation of Dutch Paper Industry

The Federation of Dutch Paper Industry (FNOI) is the trade association for the waste paper industry. The MRF (MRF) has set itself to promote the environmentally and economically sound recycling from all metals used in the Netherlands. The Dutch Association for Textile Retrieval (VHT) is the trade association for the textile retrieval industry.

Company visit to SKB

SKB (SKB) is the organization for metal packaging in the Netherlands. The objective of SKB is to close the circle for metal packaging and thus promote the sustainable use of raw materials and energy.

Company visit to Disassembly location (Aviolanda Woensdrecht), Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) BV

AELS is a Dutch aircraft disassembly and dismantling company that offers complete support in any stage of the end-of-life process of an aircraft.

Company visit to Henri Vernooy en Zoon
Henri Vernooy & Zoon process about 5000 tons of used clothing a year.

Company visit to Helofytendak + `Treesoil+' The roof

At the new offices of Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten an innovative helophytes filterdak is built on a sloping part of the roof. The combination of a green roof and a helophytes filter will save space. A helophytes filter is used to purify waste water to a quality that is harmless to the environment. In this case, the wastewater from the toilets is purified. This green solution is applied anywhere in the world. Therefore, this is an experiment to establish a stable and well rooted substrate that will meet all weight requirements and will assist in determining the appropriate residence time for the water in the filter, so that the water is clean and usable comes out.

Company visit to Baetsen Recycling

Company visit to the De Gulbergen, Nuenen

The golf courses are on the Estate Gulbergen Geldrop-Mierlo-Nuenen and are partially built on an artificial landscape on top of a former garbage dump.

Company visit to ARN-Recycling.
ARN Recycling IN Tiel processes shredder waste from end-of-life cars into reusable materials.

Company visit Vehicle Dismantling Company Bart Ebben

Company visit to ASW

Discover the latest eco friendly technologies that Afvalservice West applies to collect waste.
Afvalservice West is an independent foundation of the Government of Amsterdam and carries out
daily collections for household waste in Amsterdam West.

Closing lunch with special guest Mr. Dick Hoogendoorn from The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA). 
DWMA represents the national and international interests of waste companies active in the Netherlands. With more than 50 members, the DWMA is an important discussion partner for government departments, regional and local authorities and other organisations.


Thanks to Mr. Peter Stoel, Manager International Media, AGNL - Holland Branding, The Netherlands on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the invitation and participation!